Dream Hunter Interview: Anand Krishna, Ashram in Ubud,Bali

Whilst travelling the world as The Global Sponge, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting some exceptional people who have DECLARED, SHARED and are LIVING their DREAMS. So, I’ve become a bit of a Dream Hunter, seeking them out or stumbling upon them and their stories are worth sharing so here’s a portrait of what it looks and feels like to live your dream.

I hope it will inspire you to declare, share and live your dream.  ( When you do,  email me, I want to interview you too!)

Anand Ashram

I spent a few days at Anand Ashram in Ubud, Bali in October 2012. I was impressed by this newly built interfaith ashram and heard how it was one man’s dream realized.

My(TD)  interview with Ashram Founder, Anand Krishna (AK):

TD:  What are you most grateful for today?

AK:  Lot of things but one thing is my ability to write. It has become one of my medicines for stress. I am thrilled when I’m writing. Same energy that is used for making love is going for creativity and writing.


TD:  How would you define Being vs Doing for you?

AK:  Being is expanding all the time. Being is not static- it’s you and you are expanding. Although it makes it harder to define doing.  Chinese  Wu  wei  means- inaction in action.  The Sanskrit translation is doing things effortlessly. When I am doing things I love, like writing, I can lose hours. I’m doing something in my nature of being.  Doing is out of necessity, obligatory things.


TD: Then how does one maintain equilibrium between being and doing?

AK:  I have fewer responsibilities (my kids are grown up), I would suggest doing what you are obliged to do and develop hobbies in line with your nature to expand your being.

When you find work that is in your nature, your passion then your being and doing become the same.


TD:  If you could have one superpower- what would it be?

AK:  To see the true nature of things (and face them)


TD:  What was the last act of random kindness you received?

AK:   We needed $50k USD to continue building the ashram. We went to facebook for donations and in 1 week, collected $60k from donations to continue the construction.


TD:  If your younger self walked into the room right now, what advice would you give him?

AK:  If 30yrs ago me walked in, I would tell him to leave the business and build and stay at the ashram!  Follow any guru, you don’t have to choose. Do something for the less privileged ones.


TD:  What is your definition of fulfillment?

AK:  For me it is happiness. Ananda means bliss, but its negative word in Sanskrit ( absence of turmoil).  Your bliss is not affected by outside- its to reach this state of being that you are not affected by turmoil outside.


TD:  Can you please share one of your dreams?

AK:  I would like to leave this world a bit more peaceful then when I came.

 It’s difficult, frankly speaking, I was born in a society where people were peace loving and it’s a different story these days.   Religious education is mandatory in Indonesian schools- kids are separated into religious classes and kids understand that they are differentiated by religion.  But I will continue to repeat our vision of One Earth, One Sky, One humankind.


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5 Responses to “Dream Hunter Interview: Anand Krishna, Ashram in Ubud,Bali”

  1. Keep hunting dreams; it’s a beautiful idea.

  2. Hi Tania, ¨

    I really enjoyed reading this. And inparticular how you apply the open and curious mind of yours to your interview. Questioning superpower! ha! also loved the ‘seeing the younger self in the door’ – and his answer.

    Stay safe

  3. This is a very intriging interview… really enjoyed reading about Anand’s perspective and how he realized his dream… Also, very unique questions!

  4. The Global Sponge The Global Sponge Says:
    November 13, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Anne, Trine and Steph- thanks for your feedback! It seems I’ve started a new passion as I keep running into people living out their dreams and can’t interview them fast enough! The wacky questions make the interview more fun too.

  5. I love your idea of chasing people dreams….it’ is amazing and I love that you are sharing it!! love you Cuz!

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