Dream Hunter Interview: Dreams grow in the Sacred Valley, Peru


Daya`s sacred valley dream ( and dog)

Daya`s sacred valley dream ( and dog)

Daya Nimai Das (DND) is a Lima native who moved to Pisac, a small town in the Sacred Valley, to follow his karmic path. Which in his case, was pursuing his dream of owning his own vegetarian restaurant. Relish this story of dreams coming alive….

(TD)  What did you want to be when you grew up?

(DND)  I knew I wanted to step out of the city. I wanted to break from social patterns. I imagined living with my friends on an island somewhere- very community based. It’s interesting cause that’s what Pisac feels like.


(TD) So where does your story start Daya?

(DND)  I was living in South Beach Miami and looking for answers in all the wrong places. One day I met some Khrisna devotees and walked with them, chanting. As we walked, I noticed other people’s reaction to us. I saw fear, dismissal, curiosity.  It was my wake up call.  Through this group, I met a guy who introduced me to guru and I went through the initiation rituals and process. It’s where I got my spiritual name. Ever since then, I’ve been surrounded by this karmic energy and mantras.


(TD)  How did you first declare then manifest this Pisac dream?

(DND)  I visited Pisac one day with my business partner and I thought this was a cool place to live. One week later when I was in Cusco, a guy told me that there was a restaurant for sale.  My intention had manifested.   So I moved to Pisac and I was living in a really rustic room, with my dog and chef.  I spent all my money on the restaurant so I worked really hard. The owner of the building was noticing how hard I was working to make this restaurant work. Then one day, the owner just handed me the keys to the whole building, so then I opened up the hostel and invited others to do yoga with me on rooftop.


(TD) What’s behind the name Prasada?

(DND)  Prasada is the term for food that’s served in Krishna temples ( blessed vegetarian food). Vegetarian food is important. There are three ways people can eat

  1. In goodness-  assuring you aren’t supporting violence against any other entities. It’s about not creating suffering for others.
  2. In passion
  3. In ignorance


(TD)  What are you most grateful for today?

(DND)  I’m grateful that I’m present- here and now. And for all the material manifestations of my life. The people I’m around, my family, my dog, my kitchen, my restaurant, that I get to wake up and teach yoga on my rooftop. And life itself.


(TD)  What food could you live on forever?

(DND)  Vegetarian meals forever.  My favorite ingredients are mango, avocado, cucumber and cheese.   One dish I would serve to everyone is the lentil burger. It’s really good.


(TD)  What drink should every café in the world serve?

(DND)  Mango lassi with ginger for sure!


(TD)  What is your favorite type of dance?  Would you teach it to me?

(DND)  Kirtan estatic dance through the chanting of holy names.   (At this point Daya gets up to turn on some music and grabs his drum. He then starts singing to the music. I’m in awe. It’s awesome and it really makes you want to get up and randomly just move.)


(TD)  If you could have one superpower- what would it be?

(DND)  To awaken people’s true potential.


(TD)  If your younger Miami self walked into the room right now, what advice would you give him?

(DND)  Look for the right things in the right places.


(TD)  Can you please share one of your dreams or aspirations?

(DND)  My dream is to keep doing what I’m doing and growing in that direction. Wherever this path leads me. I wanna live in an eco-yoga retreat center. Grow my own food, do yoga with people, live in nature.  This dream is already manifesting, I have the land and greenhouse. The rest will come.


(TD)  What is your definition of success?

(DND)  Success for me is being happy with what you do. Being inspired by your own life and the things you create.

Daya is a living example of how it’s possible to put intentions out into the universe and have them manifest. So, what intention will you throw out there today?

Next time you are in Pisac, walk in to meet Daya at Prasada.  For a virtual introduction or questions, feel free to contact him directly at Mohanalodging@gmail.com


Rooftop yoga with Daya

Rooftop yoga with Daya


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