Being vs Doing

So, I’m a DOER.  I set a goal and then keep busy doing activities to help me get there. I’ve trained myself to be like this and I have to admit, it’s definitely helped me accomplish all the things I’ve wanted. This active state of DOING has kept me really busy.

I can’t help but wonder,  what would happen if I would more consciously BE and less consciously DO?

Well, I’m committed to spending the next few months figuring that out…

In order to BE, I’ve decided to consider myself a Sponge and propel myself out into the world….So, how exactly am I going to do this you ask?

Step 1: Create opportunity to BE ( in my case, this has translated to resigning from my corporate job for a more entrepreneurial path and going on a bit of a world journey)

Step 2: just BE

As I embark on a global travel journey, I truly want to be a sponge…soaking up everything that comes my way! Truly being present to the journey that I’m on.

When travelling, a Sponge may need to BE:

-Observant, like a fly on the wall witnessing life happening

- Fearless, for what the unknown may bring and in order to take risks

-Inquisitive, asking questions to dig deeper and expand learning

-Open minded to ideas and experiences that are outside your comfort zone

-Conscious of the balance between being and doing as one leads into the other

- Truly present and in the moment

I am The Global Sponge, and this is the beginning of a new journey….


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9 Responses to “Being vs Doing”

  1. We wish you every success in your new project .

    May you wish upon the stars and dream up wild adventures !
    Go for it.

    God Bless and Good Luck.

  2. What an exciting journey…. can’t wait to see what you soak up across your travels!!! xo

  3. Sounds like you’re in for some very exciting adventures. Enjoy every moment of the “human being” experience rather than the “human doing”… Something I’ve always wanted to bask in completely and you’re doing it!! Congrats on the first step:)

  4. I hope to continue learning from you as it´s been since the very first day I met you.
    I am sure this new journey will not only be valuable for you but also for all us that love you.

  5. Great idea. Most people are in such a hurry rushing from one point to another or one goal to another. I think being present is something everyone should aspire to and I can’t wait to hear all of your observations.

  6. The Global Sponge The Global Sponge Says:
    September 16, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    Peter, Brenda, Steph, Alicia, Naty and J. Tran- thank you for your words of encouragement and waves of support from all corners of the globe!

  7. Where evner you go There you are :) ) all the best inspiRational girl. All the best and love. And I will follow you :) )

  8. Andres Villalobos Says:
    October 8, 2012 at 12:13 am

    Truly inspiring!! Chica if you are into reading, there is good literature fom the buddhists about being, basically through meditation and also from the catholics on Contemplative Prayer. Its surprising how most religions deal with contemplation-meditation as the best way to establish contact with you and the spiritual world. We’ll talk more in costa rica!! Be!

  9. Very cool Tania!!

    Read some books on your trip too…reading is the ‘funnest’ part of BE-ing…so are drinking and drugs, but I digress…



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