Masai Magic & Serengeti Serenity

I spent the last 14 days being a visitor in the African Animal Kingdom. They were great hosts. Seriously.

Pictures say a thousand words, so I will let my favorite photos say it all. Its a once in a lifetime trip for every human.

(Hint: Full album is available under Photo Journals.)

A penetrating look

A heartwarming smile

Silly Giraffe




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One Response to “Masai Magic & Serengeti Serenity”

  1. Andres Villalobos Says:
    October 7, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    Uauuuuuuuuuu you ar getting such an amazing trip girl! I am so happy for you. About your time in costa rica, do you know more or less when you will be here? Maybe its too early for you, but maybe i can plan and have some vacation days and join u. Do you wanna go hiking, scuba diving, surf, etc. Let me know chica!!! Have a fantastic time…i am reading your website chica :) abrazos!!

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