Meditation: The art of non-doing

At my first night at the Ashram in Ubud, the founder gave a seminar on the art of meditation. When I had attempted to meditate before, I had tried so hard to concentrate on not thinking that I was actually stressing and tiring myself out so I was especially curious how the Ashram teachings would guide me to get myself out of my mind.

Apparently, like me, many others had questions on how to master meditation as the outdoor common area quickly filled with crossed legged students.  Through the guided group meditation exercise, one thing became apparent to me…meditation isn’t something you DO, it’s a way you FEEL.  My Doing vs. Being objective kicked in and a wide smile grew on my face as I realized I had in fact meditated many times before- sometimes in situations that were the extreme opposite to the version of me sitting quietly crossed legged with my eyes closed.

Meditation is a feeling of aliveness and connection—connection with yourself and the world (however you define your world). There are times I feel that in the middle of a crowded dance floor in a circle of my friends singing the words to our latest favorite song. Other times, it’s watching the world pass by on a crowded bus when I’m travelling or taking a walk surrounded in the splendid of nature. Everyone has their own definition of what the feeling is. Once you experience and hold that feeling, it’s what comes after that counts.

What will you do with that sense of aliveness and new energy? What will you create? What will you change?



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